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‘BCB isn’t product of Shakib, Shakib is product of BCB’ : Sujon

We all want Shakib to play in all 3 formats: Sujon


CRICDOT DESK : Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) director and national team director Khaled Mahmood Sujan thinks the BCB is not worried about whether Shakib Al Hasan will play a Test match or not.

Shakib did not want to play Tests in South Africa before the IPL auction. Shakib told the board that he would play ODI and Test matches in Africa as he did not get a team in the IPL.

But just four days before the tour of Africa, Shakib suddenly left for Dubai on a private tour without informing the cricket board on Sunday. “I don’t think it’s possible for me to play international cricket at the moment (in South Africa),” he told reporters at the airport. If I get a break, if I get that interest back, then the game will be easier for me.

Angered by Shakib’s words, BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon said on Monday that if Shakib does not go to any series, no one will say anything. None of you will say anything. But if we exclude Shakib from any series, then what will happen? Then think about the hustle and bustle that you will create against the board.

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On Tuesday, in the Shakib issue, the team director of the national team Khaled Mahmud Sujan said, since Shakib is not playing in the IPL, what is Shakib’s job? If he got a team, he could play in IPL. We have asked whether he will play Tests since he is not playing in IPL. He said yes I will play.

Sujan further said, why the board can request him? He is a contracted player. Players paid by the board. Not a new player who is not in the contract. We can request players outside the contract. He may say I will not go, I am not in the contract. But Shakib is in our contract. He is our staff. There is no request here.

Former national team captain Sujan also said, “I don’t care if Shakib plays Test or not.” The BCB is not so concerned. If he does not enjoy it, he should be told that I will not play Tests or play in this format.

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