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BCB could take Naim Shaikh but why Mithun ? – Nasir Hossain


CRICDOT DESK : The Dhaka Premier League (DPL) is starting two days later. Prime Bank Cricket Club is in trouble when all the teams have sorted themselves out. Because 6 players of the club have gone to South Africa for the national team! Club coach Mohammad Salauddin has expressed anger over the matter. Nasir Hossain, one of the cricketers of the team in Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla, said on Sunday that they are in trouble to form a team now that Mithun-Raja has been taken away.

Tamim Iqbal, Mustafizur Rahman, Yasir Rabbi, Shariful and Muminul will play for the national team in the tour of South Africa. But even though they are not in the squad, Mohammad Mithun and Rezaur Rahman Raja have been taken just for practice. On the issue, Nasir Hossain said today, ‘I think Mithun was not in the national team squad for the last 6-7 months. Suddenly left. Ultimately I don’t have 6 players in the team, again these two don’t exist, I mean 8 people. So for me it is difficult. It’s challenging for me, but I think let’s see what happens in the league. ‘

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He added: “The teams knew that the Test players would go (to South Africa). That’s how everyone made the team. Unfortunately it seems to me that this team has taken two of our players who are not in the squad. Not in the ODI team, not in the Test team. Mithun and Raja. We don’t have 6 players already, if two of them leave then it will be very difficult for us to make our team grow. If they were going to play, I think that’s fine. ‘

Nasir complained, “They are not in the squad, they just went to practice. There were cricketers from other teams too, they were not taken. Only two people from Prime Bank have left. So I didn’t really like it very much. You see, Naeem Sheikh was also there, he could have taken him. Mithun and Raja are gone, I think this matter is much more harmful for my team. ‘

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