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Bashar to stay as selector and Nannu to be kicked out!

Bashar to stay as selector and Nannu to be kicked out!

CRICDOT DESK : The contracts of two members of the national selection panel, Minhazul Abedin Nannu and Habibul Bashar, expire this month. They do not know whether the contract will be renewed. The two are in a kind of uncertainty as they have not said anything from the BCB. Nannu-Bashar can’t plan for the future.

When asked about this yesterday, BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that the issue of selectors will be decided in the next board meeting. December 20 may be the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the year. Where some important decisions may be made next year as well as next year. The fate of the national selection panel, foreign coaching staff will be decided.

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The current selection panel has been working since 2016. Nannu and Bashar watched the game on the field and selected the players. However, the decision of the selection panel is not final. The will of the influential quarters of the board has to be reflected in the formation of the team. In that case, there is a challenge to work independently in the selection panel. Despite this, some of the BCB directors see the need to reform the selection panel in the current situation.

Asked about this, Akram Khan, chairman of the cricket management department, said, “I will talk to the selectors in a day or two. Maybe a decision will be made at the board meeting. ‘

An influential director of the BCB said the selection panel could be restructured with Habibul Bashar. He said, ‘It’s been a long time for Nannu Bhai. It may not be possible to keep him. It would be better to have a selection panel headed by Bashar. Personally, I think Bashar deserves it. ‘ Bashar has been working as a selector since the time of Farooq Ahmed. He also has good communication with cricketers. He is continuing his work knowing that his job is uncertain. He went to Rajshahi and watched the first round match of BCL.

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