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Bangladeshi players leaves for defending current title

The West Indies will host the Under-19 Cricket World Cup early next year. This time Bangladesh U-19 team will play with the title of ‘Defending Champion’. Before that, the Under-19 Asia Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates. The battle for youth Asia excellence will start on December 23.

Due to Corona, Bangladesh U-19 team could not prepare like last time. The Junior Tigers are confident of retaining the title. Rakibul Hasan and Tanjim Hasan, who won the trophy from South Africa last year, have been added to the squad.

After playing the Youth Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates, the Bangladesh team will leave for the Caribbean Islands to play the Youth World Cup from there. The Junior Tigers will leave Dhaka for Dubai at 8:15 pm on Tuesday. They will board the Windies on the first day of the new year after playing the Youth Asia Cup there.

Bangladesh has not yet won the Youth Asia Cup title. They were runners-up after losing to India in 2019. However, the Tigers took revenge by beating India in the World Cup final in South Africa last year. The Youth World Cup will start on January 15 in the West Indies.

Before leaving the country on two missions, the under-19 team held a photo session at Mirpur Academy ground yesterday. Rakibul Hasan, the captain of the youth team, expressed his determination to do well. As a player I was new, this time old. I am trying to share the experience I gained last time with the cricketers of the team. And our team is also good, I hope we will do well. ‘

Rakibul said that no team could take adequate preparation, “Last time there was no such situation. Due to the Kavid situation, the rest of the teams could not prepare as we did this time. We’ve played a few series in the last 2-3 months, I don’t think it’s bad either. We have been well prepared and the camp we did before the Asia Cup has been good.

Despite winning the first three matches of the five-match series against the Afghan youth team on home soil, Bangladesh lost the last two matches. However, they were whitewashed 5-0 in the tour of Sri Lanka. After that, Rakibul and Tanzim, members of the last World Cup winning team, were added to the team. They have won the three-team tournament in India, but were whitewashed 5-0 on the tour of Sri Lanka.

After that, Rakibul and Tanzim, members of the last World Cup winning team, were added to the team. The youth of Bangladesh have won the three-team tournament in India. India could be Bangladesh’s main rival in the Youth Asia Cup and World Cup. Rakibul also thinks that their loss has increased their confidence. Nowroz Prantik Nabil and Mehrob Hossain of Bangladesh team were also in the squad of last World Cup. However, they did not play the match last time.

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