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Bangladesh lost to Papua New Guinea.

Today, 39 years ago, Bangladesh faced Papua New Guinea once. In 1982, the ICC Trophy was organized with 16 ICC affiliates.
Bangladesh was fourth in that tournament.

ODI matches of 60 overs were played then. Bangladesh scored 224 runs, Papua New Guinea was able to reach the target by losing 3 wickets in reply.
Bangladesh lost by 6 wickets.
The days have changed, Bangladesh has got ODI status over time, it has been 21 years since it got Test status.

Bangladesh is a team that is respected in the world of cricket. And Papua New Guinea in that previous position, still an associate member of the ICC.
Their big achievement is being able to play in the World Cup qualifiers this time and there is no question of winning another match. Although the victory is elusive to them.
Today is their last match, against a team they are dreaming of winning today.
Many of their cricketers are thrilled to see Shakib play.

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