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Bangladesh to start Mission for a World Cup under Domingo


CRICDOT DESK : There was no problem with skill. Preparations never happened. The problem was in the mentality. That is why the proper application of skill could not be seen in foreign lands till now. Therefore, year after year, Bangladesh has had to keep a circle of rates on foreign soil. The seeds of overcoming that hurdle are sown with an ODI series win in the West Indies. Which gave him the courage to play well in South Africa.

Whatever the mental barrier was, it was cut to win this series. This success against the Proteas shows the Tigers dreaming of winning a distant, global event. Coach Russell Domingo has begun to believe that his team can win the ODI World Cup in India in 2023. He is also trying to spread the faith in the dressing room of the national team.

Bangladesh has been doing fairly well in the ODI World Cup since 2006. In the last four World Cups, one or the other big team has lost. Although these victories could create temporary excitement, they could not stir up the world without playing in the semi-finals or finals. Bangladesh wants to do the same in the 2023 India World Cup. “Russell has said a very good thing – when we talk in the dressing room at the end of the match, if you can’t believe that you can win the World Cup after winning the series,

” ODI captain Tamim Iqbal told the centurion yesterday. Then don’t believe in anything else. I think it was a very good message. ‘ Russell Domingo is a visionary coach. He had earlier told the cricketers that the Bangladesh team would play well in this year’s tour of South Africa. According to captain Tamim, “When I came back from the country, I was convinced that I could win. It was hard to say whether I would win the series. However, he believed in winning the match. However, the coach was confident that Bangladesh would win the series. He has consistently said and tried to instill that confidence in the cricketers.

Tamim, who is praising Russell Domingo, was considered a villain four months ago. Tamim himself was against the coach for not wanting to take him to the T20 World Cup squad. After the collapse of the World Cup, team director Khaled Mahmood Sujan publicly criticized Domingo. Who was cornered in the home series against Pakistan. He had to follow Khaled Mahmood’s instructions. Domingo would have been fired if a good coach had been found. He is now a hero after enduring humiliation for the last three-four months.

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For this, however, he had to accept the leadership of Khaled Mahmood and sing praises in public. However, the coach got the ground under his feet after winning the Test in New Zealand. After winning the ODI series on South African soil, he got the ladder to survive till the 2023 ODI World Cup. Russell Domingo can be thanked for his efforts to improve Bangladesh cricket by accepting so many sacrifices. Had it not been for the visionary coach, the players would not have sown the seeds of World Cup victory in their minds after winning the series.

There is another one like Russell Domingo in the national team who hopes for something better in the next World Cup. He is the best cricketer in the country Shakib Al Hasan. Whose deep relationship with the coach. He also believes that Bangladesh will play in the semi-finals of the 2023 ODI World Cup. Shakib was angry that he could not play in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup due to various reasons.

However, his dream did not stop. He has said in many forums that Bangladesh will do well in the World Cup to be held in India if it can move forward with the right plan. Domingo is taking forward the belief that Shakib is trying to spread among his teammates. After winning one series after another in the World Cup Super League, captain Tamim also thinks that they will continue to do well, ‘We are always a good team in ODIs. However, there was a lack of match wins or series wins on foreign soil. It’s just the beginning, we have a long way to go.

‘ When faith is deep, it takes the form of self-confidence. The series win gave the Tigers confidence in the dressing room. Until the World Cup, it can result in the confidence to win the World Cup.

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