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Bangladesh Tigresses secure place in Final stage for the first time

Bangladesh Tigresses secure place in group stage for the first time

CRICDOT  DESK: The cancellation of the Women’s World Cup qualifiers due to coronavirus has been a blessing for the Bangladesh women’s cricket team. After a long wait, Bangladesh finally made it to the main stage of the ODI World Cup for the first time.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the cancellation of the qualifying match in a statement on Saturday. A new version of the South African Corona has been captured and the qualifying match has been canceled.

Bangladesh, Pakistan and West Indies women’s cricket teams got a chance to play in the main round of the World Cup due to being ahead in the rankings as the competition was canceled due to the term conditions of the tournament.

The World Cup qualifiers will be played in New Zealand from March 4 to April 3 next year. The New Zealand women’s cricket team will play in the main draw of the World Cup.

Besides, Australia, England, India, South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh will play in the main round.

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