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Bangladesh Tigresses eyeing second straight win against Windies

Bangladesh Tigerss pick first ever victory in CWC

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CRICDOT DESK : I am taking the opponent as an opponent. The game will be harder when I take the opponent as hard. So we normally try to see more of our strength in how we play against them. We will try to counter them by using any strength or using any game planning. So that’s how we look. Besides, the win against Pakistan has given us a good momentum which will encourage us to play better in the upcoming matches.
The spinners got good support in the previous match. What could be the combination of the new venue?

Nigar Sultana: We will go to our strength, we will go to our combination. Of course, the last match that took place, the spinners may have got good support. But I would say our pace bowling attack but mashallah. He did very well in the first match. He did well in the second match as well. After all, I want the whole bowling unit to come back strong. The spinners have done well in the last match, in the same way that we can continue it. Then I think we can play a good match.

Did you see the wicket of yesterday’s match? How could it be, what do you think?

Nigar Sultana: What I think is that more or less all venue wickets are almost the same, we will get a lot of sporting wickets. Yesterday we had a practice session where looking at the side wickets it seemed like maybe a little slower. It seems to me that we have not yet been able to get to the point where we can see the original wicket. Maybe today will be a chance to see. After watching we will understand which combination we will go for. But I still think that the wickets of other teams have behaved very well as I have seen in the last few matches. There were also runs and low-scoring matches. All in all, I think I will get a good sporting wicket. We will prepare the game plan after seeing the wicket.

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After such a victory, the focus shifts a lot. When the goal is met, often that urge is reduced, whether there is that fear or how to address it?

Nigar Sultana: We have already forgotten the Pakistan match. Because now we are only focusing on the West Indies. Because our plan from the beginning was match by match agab. But I’m not thinking about the whole tournament yet. The focus may shift a lot of the time but I think we are focusing more on the fact that we have got a good momentum in our team. Having won the match, the team is in a very cheerful mood – it encourages the team to do better in a more positive way. Well done, how much better it can be. Because we know that if we do well in this place, it will be very good for our cricket and it will be very inspiring for the next generation.

The main strength of the Windies’ batting is their top. Their two openers are in very good form. What are your thoughts on picking up two or three wickets in the beginning?

Nigar Sultana: We have never played with the West Indies (ODIs) but we have seen their matches often. But I have seen so many years. Our analysts are trying to provide as much information as they can. Moreover, individually such bowlers are planning against their batsmen but the batsmen are also planning with their bowlers. They (Windies) may believe in power cricket. But what I think is that if our bowlers have the ability and the strength to play the best cricket against them then it seems that the result will be in our hands.

Farzana (1000 runs) and Rumana (50 wickets) are in front of Miflak. Even if they are small, they will write the name first. In 11 years we could not play 50 ODIs. Girls cricket may come out of this World Cup with less ODIs. How can the journey ahead be?

Nigar Sultana: Of course I would say that after qualifying for the World Cup, the door is open for us to do better. But we have a lot of good players in our team who are world class players and players who can compete with the world. We may have never been able to match many due to lack of opportunities. But now we have the opportunity to match ourselves. And as many matches as we play day by day. But our achievements will increase. Today I am thinking of Rumana Ahmed for 50 wickets and if I get a few (2) wickets maybe 50 wickets. You will see in front that if you play more matches, maybe 100 wickets will be made soon.

If I say Farzana Haque, she must be very close to the milestone. There are many more players like this who are small but can’t go to the maifal. But there are many opportunities for us now. Not only this World Cup, but also we will play a lot of matches. I will play many bilateral series. So the chances of going from this milestone to more new milestones are increasing. We believe that if we can qualify for the World Cup, play the World Cup, there are many opportunities waiting for us. If we can hold on to the way we have been playing good cricket, then something very good is waiting for us.

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