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Bangladesh climbs to top 5 in WTC ranking after historic win


CRICDOT DESK : Bangladesh was at the bottom in the first edition of the Test Championship. The beginning of the second session was not good for the believers. Bangladesh has risen to number five in the rankings in a historic victory over New Zealand.

After winning the Mount Manganui Test on Wednesday, the Tigers are at number five on the ICC’s updated points table with 12 points from 33 matches and a 33.33 per cent win rate. According to the rules of the Test Championship, a team will get 12 points for each Test win.

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Bangladesh is followed by Australia, second by Sri Lanka, third by Pakistan and fourth by India. West Indies are in sixth place, followed by New Zealand and England. South Africa still could not open the points register.

India is at number four with 53 points and is lagging behind (83.09 percent). Australia (36 points) at number one and Sri Lanka (24 points) at number two with 100% success. Three Pakistan with 75 percent wins and 36 points. Bangladesh at number five got 12 points by winning 33.33 percent matches.

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