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Babar, Malik did not come to Bangladesh.

He was supposed to come to Pakistan on the 17th. Fate took them to Bangladesh on the 13th. Despite the best performance in the World Cup, the team could not reach the final. Even after playing well in the semi-finals, some mistakes have deprived Pakistan of a ticket to the final. The Pakistan cricket team came to Bangladesh with a huge contingent with that hardship and frustration.

In order to play 3 20 and 2 Tests, not all the players actually came and Babar and Soheb Malik did not come for personal work. They will come to Bangladesh on the 17th. Where Bangladesh cricket was eliminated from the first round and the board players lost their way, Pakistan played well but did not get the expected result.

With this confidence, Bangladesh will take the field for the first T20 on the 18th. All the T20 matches will be played in Mirpur and 1st Test in Chittagong and then again in Dhaka.

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