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Ashwell Prince praises batting firmness from Yasir-Shohan

Ashwell Prince


CRICDOT DESK : The speed of the Kiwi pacers in the first innings and the Tiger batsmen who overcame the swing. Sadman and M0minul were bowled out for 126 in the batting disaster. Yasir Ali scored the highest 55 runs for the team. Bangladesh needed 198 more runs to avoid follow-on. At the end of the second day, they are still 395 runs behind New Zealand.

Bangladesh could start batting again on the third day of the match due to follow-on. Or the New Zealand team could bat again in their second innings. The decision of the Kiwi leader in this regard is not yet known. Bangladesh’s innings could have been worse had it not been for Yasir Ali and Sohan. Neither the five batsmen who came down before them nor the next four could touch the double digits. Where Yasir Ali played an innings of 55 runs and Sohan played an innings of 41 runs.

At the press conference at the end of the match, batting coach Ashwell Prince praised the two students. He said, ‘Sohan has played very positive. The bowlers came forward and played well. The frontfoot was very smooth. The mass transfer in the front legs has done very well. Yasir is only playing his third Test, the outing today was unfortunate. But like in the last match, he has batted very well in this match as well. ‘

Appreciating Yasir separately, Prince said: “Yasir’s defense was good and his decisions were right. That’s the pitch. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You have to make the right decision on which ball you will play defensive shot and which ball you will attack.

Advising his batsmen to drop more balls, the batting coach said, “We have seen from the New Zealand batsmen that a lot of off-stump balls have been dropped. This is an innate feature of Kiwi bats. Because they play more on bouncy wickets.

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