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Ashraful still hopeful for national team comeback

Mohammad Ashraful picks first 'Fifty' of 9th BCL


CRICDOT DESK : Brothers Union is a big name in Dhaka club cricket. Although cricket is no longer the show. It is true that they are getting the opportunity to participate regularly, but the Brothers have been far behind in the title fight lately.

Mohammad Ashraful will lead the Brothers in the Dhaka Premier League (DPL) this season. The former national team captain is returning to the DPL after a long absence as a captain. His eyes are on the Super League with the responsibility of captain.

Expressing his determination to keep the Brothers in the top eight, Ashraful said, “The team has done well. Brothers Union has not played in the Super League for the last 12-13 years. My personal goals and team goals – I want to play in the Super League this time. Of course, everyone wants to be a champion. But our first goal is to be one of the top six. ”

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Ashraful, who is optimistic about his team, added, “All in all, a combination of young and experienced in batting-bowling-fielding, I would say we have a well-balanced team, a good team.”

The Brothers want to ensure their participation in the Super League this time. File picture
Leg-spinners are not played in domestic tournaments including DPL. Although the teams have leg-spinners in their squad, they are reluctant to make it to the XI. The Brothers have fielded national team leg-spinner Aminul Islam Biplob, who was a Bratya in the BPL.

Ashraful assured that he would provide as much support as possible to the revolution. “When I see the revolution in our party, I will personally try to give it as much support as I can,” he said. Of course, his performance is very important. I will support him in the beginning, if he can perform the thing will be easier. I will try and our management will try to give him full support. ‘

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