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Ashraful fires back to Nannu’s comment!


CRICDOT DESK : Ashraful, the country’s first ‘poster boy’ of cricket, was shocked to hear ‘traitor’ and ‘fixer’ comments from national team chief selector Minhazul Abedin Nannu.

Ashraful said he was upset over the matter, adding that Nannu’s remarks about him in front of the media were sad.

In a recent interview with Jamuna TV, Ashraful said that it would be better if the tenure of the members of the selection panel of the cricket team is 3 to 4 years.

Selector Nannu got angry after Ashraful’s statement.

In a live program on the same television, he called Ashraful a ‘traitor and fixer’.

Nannu said, “Ashraful probably has no idea how many years a chief selector of Australia has worked. He has worked continuously for about 9 to 12 years. Has Australia fallen behind in cricket? It is difficult to expect good advice from players who are banned for engaging in match-fixing as traitors. ‘

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Ashraful found Nannu’s statement ‘offensive’. Ashraful came live from his official Facebook page on Sunday night and had a long discussion about this.

He said he did not mention the name of Minhazul Abedin Nannu in his statement on the selection panel. His remarks were not intended for Nannu. Even after this he became the victim of personal attack.

The former national team captain said, “I did not name any person, I mentioned that responsibility. Nannu Bhai came live on Jamuna and attacked directly using my name. This is actually very sad. I did not say what I said about Nannu Bhai or by name. I just gave my opinion from my experience. But I did not say his name that Nannu Bhai should be removed or something like that. I don’t think selectors can be a profession, I’ll be here for life, for 10-12 years. It will be a place of honor, stay 3-4 years. But he gave a beautiful example of an Australian. ‘

Ashraful then lashed out at selector Nannu, saying, “It is clear from your interview that I am not getting a chance now because I am not in your good chest.” Sense brother we have no less. By the grace of God, we also have a fair sense. We also think about the game all day. I still wake up from my childhood and think about cricket all day long. ‘

Regarding the 2013 fixing scandal, Ashraful said, “I will call white white, black black. I admit I did wrong. I’m still trying to be confident. The way Nannu Bhai is a traitor by name, match fixer said – it happened in 2013. I have apologized to everyone, there has been punishment. The way you attacked, it hurt. I did not say anything contradictory.

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