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Alan Donald warns for mystery pitch at Port Elizabeth


CRICDOT DESK : Bowling coach Alan Donald had a good idea about Durban’s wicket-condition. Bangladesh could not proceed as per his advice. The Proteas legend also gave an idea about the second Test held in Port Elizabeth. According to him, in the second Test, wicket-conditioning is a challenge in both places. There are also opportunities to do better.

With the wicket, the pace bowling coach of the Bangladesh team said, “It is one of the traditional fields in South Africa. I played a lot here. There are spectators, there is insanity. This is a wicket that you will not get out of the match as a bowler or a batsman, nor will you get control of the match. As a bowler you have to be creative. In time, the wicket will start to be flat. That’s why we have to keep something new in hand. ‘

Despite losing by a large margin in the Durban Test, the pacers bowled well. Ebadat and Khaledra were able to bowl in pairs. Donald is proud to be the pace bowling coach. Although there is not much in the wicket of the second Test, the Tiger bowling coach thinks that something better is possible if you bowl with effort. He also said that if the ball starts reverse swing, he should take advantage of it.

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Experienced coach Donald also mentioned that bowling for and against the wind in Port Elizabeth is also a challenge. He also warned against catching highs ahead of the Test, which starts on Friday. The wind will start at 12:30 pm. The wind will blow at a speed of 40-45 kmph in the afternoon. It would seem that the wind was blowing through the tunnel. The bowlers will think once for the wind, once against. ‘

On the catch-fielding challenge, Donald said, “We have to talk a lot about fielding, we have to work. You have to go to a quick position to catch a high catch. Catching high is a matter of skill here. We may have to catch a lot of twisted catches. ‘Bangladesh-South Africa will face each other in the second and final Test next Friday at 2pm Bangladesh time. Donald hopes that the Bangladesh team will get good results if they stick to St. George’s Park.

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