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5 bowlers who might get sky craping salary hike in IPL auction 2022

5 bowlers who might get sky craping salary hike in IPL auction 2022

CRICDOT DESK : The 15th edition of IPL 2022 has begun to reveal its path. All eight existing teams are finally ready to retain their key players and embark on a brand new IPL cycle. The great elite of the tournament is retained, but new entrants have received a significant amount of cake to begin their own IPL journey.

But in the meantime, the franchise unfortunately left Aristo, the star bowler. They will definitely be hot potatoes before the mega auction begins. In particular, two new franchises now offer tremendous deals, and many could settle there.

This is five unreserved bowlers who may receive a significant salary increase at the 2022 IPL Mega Auction.

1. Avesh Khan (IPL 2021 salary INR 700,000 rupees) 

For Avesh Khan, the whole IPL2021 tournament was really lucky. The pacemaker, which has been part of the DC franchise since IPL 2018, played a record 16 games last season. In terms of his achievements, Avesh emerged as the franchise’s leading wicket car at IPL 2021 and scalped 24 wickets with a reliable economy of 7.37.

In addition, the 24-year-old has revealed his advantage, especially by appearing many times as a leader in DC’s rugged pace bowling package. At world-class pace driver companies like Rabada, Nortje and Chris Woakes, Avesh has finally entered the changing room of Team India.
However, a salary of only 70 Indian Rupees at IPL 2021 is certainly a very unreasonable package that young people just received during the victorious season. Therefore, Speedster is expected to enter into a huge deal that may resemble his current IPL career path.

2. Rashid Khan (IPL 2021 Salary INR97bn)

The Orange Army has appeared to be Rashid Khan’s ultimate home for the past five years. Afghan cricket player began an IPL trip with the SRH family in 2017 and signed a major contract of 4 rupees. Over the years, like his growing wicket streak, Spinner also raised nearly 10 billion rupees when the mega auction began. As a 10-year-old T20I cricket player, two new franchises can certainly make him a chic deal.

Also, if an Afghan weirdo somehow participates in a mega auction, remember that perhaps all 10 franchises will fire a cylinder and win it. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see what value the world’s wealthiest T20 league offers to the world’s best T20 spinners.

3. Harshal Patel (IPL 2021 Salary INR20 lakh)

Like Avesh Khan at DC, even Harshal Patel received a very disappointing IPL salary. The current Purple Cap winner was certainly the greatest exposure to the 2021 IPL, and even to the Red Army, who have endured the pain of death bowling. In fact, the pacer was signed at a very modest value of 20 rupees, so it seemed much more valuable than the packed New Zealand pacemaker Kyle Jamieson.

But next season at IPL, the franchise, including new additions, will definitely make up for him with a deal that could match his ticket gate record. Pacemakers also have all-rounder skills, so modern recruiters can easily offer a second price block.

Overall, the 31-year-old finesse in the Death Passage is very elusive and will not be conveniently available when the mega auction begins. Therefore, as the best player in India, Harshall Patel will enjoy the exclusive terms in his next IPL project.

4. Kagiso Ra​​Bada (IPL 2021 Salary INR 4.2 Crore)

For Kagiso rabada, the DC changing room has been the ultimate IPL home so far. South African pioneers have been enthusiastic about the Delhi team since IPL 2017, playing a total of 50 IPL games. Regarding his performance, the pacemaker also chose 76 wickets with an economic efficiency of 8.21. But unfortunately, Speedster was thrown into the auction pool before the 15th IPL season.

Although the Lavada presence has been discontinued, the 26-year-old is still of great interest from many franchises. In particular, the two new teams are desperate to put him in the bag just because Speedster is the best speedster available when it comes to the mountains of the best pacemakers abroad. Since Lavada’s availability at IPL has never been a source of concern, other franchises will certainly try to offer hoarseness contracts to young people.

Fab for is a leading tempo bowling club company, and there is no doubt that he will exceed 10 million in the mega auction pool. Therefore, Lavada was subordinate to his SA teammate Henrich Norche for his retention, but Lavada was still able to get a big deal on IPL2022.

5. Shardul Thakur (IPL2021 Salary INR 2.6 Crore)

202 There is no doubt that 21 years was a dream year for Mumbai pacemakers. In international cricket, Shardul Thakur is not only the Indian team’s multi-format bowler, but also an up-and-coming bowling all-rounder. He emerged as Team India’s best T20I wicket tacker in 2020, leaving no stones to achieve commendable performance at the 2021 IPL.

In the case of CSK, Thakur won 21 wickets in 16 games and the economy was 8.8. More importantly, his talent for scaling large wickets was often revealed to enemy teams by bowling in the middle of the game. After a top-class season, he certainly pushed himself into a pool of elite bowlers that are sold like pancakes at mega auctions.

In fact, with a salary of only Rs 2.6 billion, Thakur could start a bidding war between most franchises during the mega auction. Therefore, expect this Mumbai cricket player to make a generous deal between his Indian cricket players at IPL2022.

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